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I am Julia Ekström.

I am a passionate, always smiling, active girl who is outside anytime she gets the chance.

I check the weather forecasts almost daily just to get a chance to adventure onto wave searching, or nature filming. While being someone who loves living in the moment, I also have a need to relive those moments. So I developed a love for photography and videography along my travels, and begun trying to showcase what I was experiencing just as beautifully as they were in that moment.

I want to work with something that excites me, and for me that has been content creation with a focus on copywriting. I have been creative ever since I can remember and I like to believe that I still have the curious mind of a child, with the discipline of an adult of course.

A will to learn and always trying my best, together with my curiosity are my strongest sides in an ever changing digital media industry.  

I am currently looking for an internship where I can learn about the creative and digital media industry with a fun and inspiring team.


Let’s work together!


Email: julia.ekstrom@hyperisland.se

Cell: +46 73 855 26 77

Website: www.farfromlagom.com

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