Client work 

I have had the please of working with some amazing clients over the past years. 

Feel free to check out some of my work with them below!

These are just two examples of project I have been a part of, feel free to contact me if you are interested to hear more.

These are just short summaries of the work being done, I would love to elaborate if you have any questions!

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Gastrofy Brief: Rebrand a business to business website to be released for everyday customers and to make them a user centered brand.

Create a brand identity and brand promise.

i.e How should we take about Gastrofy?

Who is Gastrofy?: The most flexible meal-kit service on the Swedish market. Making grocery shopping hands free.

My role: Strategist, creative, and copywriter





The process:

I believe strongly in human centered design and so, we begun this project by identifying the target group and talking to them about how their grocery shopping journey looks like.

Our target was hard to reach though. The target audience was mothers with young children and since they are busy bees with little to no free time, we had to be creative in finding ways to reach them.

We tried to set up interviews over the internet in exchange for rewards but only one or two people replied. 

After being stuck for awhile, we realised that if we come to them, it would be a smaller sacrifice of their time and maybe they would be more inclined to talk to us.

We therefor went out into parks around the city and found mothers who were supervising their playing kids. We went up and asked if we could ask a few questions for a project and they were very happy to answer them.


From the research we identified common patterns and thereby common pain points that occur during a grocery shopping journey. 

We found that moms with young children need more flexibility in their lives. We also found that the stress of switching to a meal-kit service stemmed from the lack of flexibility in them and that it felt like too big of a risk for them to want to try it out. 


We then had found Gastrofy's USP, flexibility.

It was a strong need for their target audience and also happened to be one of the things that really set Gastrofy apart from other meal-kit's on the market.

But if we were to brand this, we needed to make sure that they really were the most flexible meal-kit service on the Swedish market. 

We did market research of the top competitors in Sweden and found that they were indeed the most flexible meal-kit service in Sweden. 

OK cool! now that we have an USP, we need to figure out how to talk about flexibility with our target.

What we did: 

  • We wanted to create a personality around Gastrofy to make them relatable and trustworthy. We found in market research from 2019 that brand personality plays a big role in brand love.

  • We felt that since the target group had very little time, we make flexibility overwhelming with choices, most of it should just happen organically.

  • Mothers have a built in bullshit filter. They therefor do not want to see unrealistic photos of food and cooking. They want to be inspired, but in an achievable way. 

brand personality
The result

inspiring real life cooking

We painted a picture around Gastrofy as a person to make the brand understand the vision we had. This is one outtake of what it sounded like:

Gastrofy is an empathic man who doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. He’s one part entrepreneur who sees solutions in every problem, one part tech geek and one part social designer who knows what’s trending.

We summed up our branding with these key words:

Inspiring · Reliable · Flexible
Unpretentious · Familiar · Playful

We made a description of each word and made one good and one bad example of each word to show how they could be used. 

Here is an example from our client presentation of how one of these keywords could manifest:

Going from (what a lot of meal kit services look like on the market right now)

To looking like this (more realistic and wholesome picture of what it is like cooking with a family in an inspiring way)

We also suggested a rebrand of their current website to fit this brand personality

to sum up

We suggested this approach because:

  • Pushing for flexibility meets the needs of modern consumers

  • Having a clearer brand personality will make you stand out among competitors

  • Through inspiring real life cooking we attract our target group


I believe that through feedback, is the best way to learn and grow. I therefor take it very seriously and value a lot. 

This is a few outtakes from the feedback we received from this project:

Did the concept meet your expectations from the brief?

Yes - very much so!

Are there any aspect(s) of the idea that you particularly liked?

The human touch, relating to normal people and inspiring them a bit, but not too much.

Is our solution/concept realistic?

Yes! Very much so!

Are there any aspect(s) you feel could have been improved?

We’re overall super happy, but to think of something, I would have liked a bit more clarity in which parts are “validated” by customer insight, and which parts are more guesses.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to use the concept?

8 ! :)


Nattskiftet Brief: Create a marketing campaign strategy and release ready campaign material around their new initiative called FEST.

Who is Nattskiftet?: A non profit organisation who aim to make the nightlife scene safer from sexual abuse and violence. They do this through their initiatives "nattvandring" (people walking at night and keeping eyes open in the nightlife) and education.

My role: Strategist, creative, and copywriter. 



The process:

To showcase this project process, I have gathered pullouts from our client presentation. 




the idea



Did the concept meet your expectations from the brief?

- Yes, and then some! We feel like you understood and interpreted our brief very well.

Are there any aspect(s) of the idea that you particularly liked?

- We liked that you problematised the issues with showing your research and by delivering many feasible

solutions that we can take with us further. We liked your club approach and the idea of the concept ”Your nightlife stan-
dard” to engage the audience. But what stood out from the campaign was the taxi implementation and the business

strategy ideas - those are somethings we will go ahead and plan for as soon as we can.


On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to use the concept?

- 9, for sure! We think that we can use most of your ideas and make them into reality in the future.

Overall GREAT job!!

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