Studied Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island in Karlskrona

Amy's place, Sumatra Indonesia


I took photos for the website belonging to Amy's place in Sumatra Indonesia.



Seller at Naturkompaniet

Worked as a salesman and cashier at Naturkompaniet in Stockholm.


Barista Espresso House (extra work 30h / v) Worked as a barista for espresso house. Stood at checkout, washed, cleaned, prepped food


Assistant (extra job) Oakriver,

2016/07 - 2016 -07 (1 week),

2015-06 - 2015-07 (1 week),

2014-06, 2014 - 07 (1 week)

I worked as an assistant at Hälsodalen for Oakriver during Almedalsveckan. I helped with serving,  handing out programs and showing guests the way to seminars.


Burger King,

2017-01 - 2017-07 (6 months)

Worked at the checkout for Burger King in Årsta part time and full time during the summer and I assisted customers and cleaned as needed.



Serving private parties (extra work) private people,

2013 - 2014 (2 years)

Served during private parties as extra jobs.


Fritidsgård (extra job) Parkleken Vängåvan, 2016-01 - 2016-08 (7 months)

I worked as a substitute for possible absent workers at Parkleken Vängåvan. There I worked to make sure that all children and young people were feeling well, safe and happy.



Shipping for different clients for PR bureau Oakriver (extra job) Oakriver,

2013 - 2014

Package, Label and send out newsletters and other mailings to customers.



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